News 2021


Tornio Labrador Club Speciality Show 2.10.2021

Super day! Judges: Jan-Roger Sauge (males) & Siv Sando (females), Norway

Mallorn's Knock Knock Who's There, Best Male & BEST OF BREED

PL CH Mallorn's Enterprise 1st Champion Class, 2nd Best Male

Mallorn's Piece Of My Heart 1st in Open Class, CC, 2nd Best Female


Club Show 14.8.2021 was a success! Mallorn's Tiffany went BEST IN SHOW!


We have 2 nice new visitors from Poland, thank you Beata and Sonia for trusting us your lovely boys!

Double Trouble z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury

Shar-Jam Jimmy Choo

News 2020

We are in the same position as everyone else - covid19 has changed the world and we have not been able to show or travel very much

But we took part to 4 shows with really nice results.

Mallorn's Knock Knock Who's There was BOB with CC in his first Show in Muurola in August, and Mallorn's Truth (her first show, too) was 2nd Best Female with ResCC. In August we also had 2 Labrador Specialities in Oulu. In the first show we had really nice placements and class wins, and in the second show M Knock Knock Who's There was BOB & BIS-1 . Our Labrador Club Show was in September, where M Master Of Puppets won his class. M Knock Knock Who's There won his class and became BIS Yearling , and Mallorn's Infinity won Open Class and went Best In Show!

Mallorn's Infinity Club Show 2020 BEST IN SHOW!

Mallorn's knock Knock Who's There Labrador Speciality Oulu BEST IN SHOW!


Luckily we got our lovely guest "Ben" Boradors Benjamin at Bellamare just before the borders were closed! Ben came from Poland from Bellamare kennel, and he is visiting us until next spring.


News 2019

Muurola 17.9.2019 (judge Katja Korhonen)

BOB Best Male Mallorn's Rocket Science

2nd Best Male, CC, Mallorn's Dress Like A Gangsta

BOS Best Female, CC, Mallorn's Tiffany

2nd Best Female, ResCC, Mallorn's Cindy Crawford

4th Best Female Mocnys Moon Mabness


Labrador Club Speciality Show 8.6.2019 Laukaa

Judges: Sally Bell (Borador) and Pauline Mortier (Lubberline)

Nice results with very poor coats !

Mallorn's Keeps Gettin' Better "Pertti" 1st in Open Class, 4th Best Male

Mallorn's Big Little Lies "Lizzie" 1st in Open Class, 3rd Best Female

Mallorn's Tresor 1st Puppy 7-9 months, Best Female & BOS Puppy

Mallorn's Truth 2nd Puppy 7-9 months

Pertti & Lizzie


Sodankylä 26.5.2019

Mocnys Moon Madness (very naked!) CC, Best Female, BOB


Tervola 20.4.2019

Mallorn's Big Brother CC, Best Male BOB

Mocnys Moon Madness 2nd Best Female, ResCC

Mallorn's Tuxedo BOB Puppy, Mallorn's Tresor BOS Puppy